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Be Prepared!

Fall is hunting season, when the trails and the land you cross may be open to hunting. Be safe by being prepared. Remember to wear blaze orange, leave your pet(s) at home, and avoid hiking during the dawn and dusk hours when visibility is restricted. In Massachusetts, hunting in prohibited on Sundays.

Here is the link for details on the hunting seasons in Massachusetts:

If you are leading hikes outside Massachusetts, check with the Fish & Game department of the particular state for more information on the state's current hunting season.



Leaders Needed: The Worcester Chapter is looking for people interested in leading and co-leading hikes, both local and upcountry. If you enjoy hiking and would like to share the experience with others by leading trips please contact the Hiking Chair, Gina Shea, at


Hike Difficulty Ratings:

  • Distance
  • Terrain
  • Very strenuous (example: upper portion of the Tuckerman’s Ravine Trail on Mt. Washington)
  • Strenuous (example: White Dot Trail on Mt. Monadnock)
  • Average (example: Bicentennial Trail on Mt. Wachusett)
  • Easy (example: most trails at Hopkinton State Park or Trout Brook Reservation in Holden)


  • Very fast (2.5 miles per hours (mph) or faster)
  • Fast (2-2.5 mph)
  • Moderate (1.5-2 mph)
  • Slower (less than 1.5 mph)

Overall trip difficulty

  • Expert (In ski parlance, double black diamond)
  • Advanced (black diamond)
  • Intermediate (blue trails)
  • Easy (green trails)
  • Introductory (novice - bunny slope)

For more details, go to the Leadership page.





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